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7375 Southeast Highway 54, Collins, MO    417-766-7220
1 3/4 Miles West of Collins on 54 Highway

The Museum

The attic has always been a place with cobwebs and creaky boards.  But all you have to do is clear away the cobwebs and discover all the treasures left behind by loved ones of long ago - - - treasures which remind us of the past and life when everything moved at a slower pace, and the whole town gathered on Main Street and enjoyed visiting and listening to the band on a Saturday evening.

Today attics have changed and most of the memories once tucked away beneath the cobwebs are gone - - - except in one special place.  Toys in the Attic, Too was born from a dream - - - a dream that finally came true for Peggy and C. A. Smith of Collins, Missouri.

C. A. bought Peggy her first collectible doll, a doll dressed in green with a beautiful and unforgettable face.  From this planted seed came more dolls and more antique toys.  But Peggy did not forget childhood memories.  She still has the doll her mother gave her for Christmas when she was eight years old.  She doesn’t have her childhood teddy bear, but its memory still lives in a picture of her cuddling the fuzzy bear when she was five years old.  Because of this, Steiff bears soon joined her collection.

Peggy’s collection grew and so did her dream of placing her treasures in a museum where they could be enjoyed by the young and the young at heart.  There would be dolls, teddy bears, and antique toys galore!  It would be a feast for the eyes and “food for the soul.”  So Peggy and C. A. started working, and with the help of Sharon and Steve Ramey, created a wonderland from yesterday.

Peggy’s dream became reality.  From the minute you step in the door your adventure begins.  Toyland awaits as the characters from childhood stories come to life.  Using dolls and antique toys, Peggy has recreated scenes from HANSEL AND GRETEL, THE WIZARD OF OZ, CINDERELLA, PINOCCHIO, and ALICE IN WONDERLAND.  There are displays which depict a wedding and a circus.  In every “nook and cranny” you will find something unforgettable. Antique toys and salesman samples abound to help bring life to the toy museum.

So, plan the perfect day! Savor a delicious lunch at Peggy and C. A.’s restaurant (Smith’s Restaurant) in Collins, and then spend the afternoon “oohing” and “ahing” over treasures that you thought were gone forever.  You will thoroughly enjoy leaving today behind and stepping through the magic mirror into the world of yesterday.

Article By Dixie McLain


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