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Steiff Bears

“Only the best is good enough for our children,” said our founder, Margarete Steiff in 1880.

Margarete Steiff was born in Germany in 1847 and, though crippled with a childhood disease, trained as a seamstress at the age of 17. She worked with her sister until 1874 when her father set her up with her own seamstress shop in their home.  Margarete ended up with a sucessful shop and one day saw a pattern for a stuffed elephant.  While she originally created one for a pin cushion, the toy soon became very popular. 

Steiff Manufacture was founded 1880, and within 6 years she had sold over 5000 elephants.  She also added other designs to the mix during this period.  In 1902 Richard Steiff, Margarete's cousin, created the first teddy bear with movable arms and legs.  The breakthrough came when an American trader discovered the bears and ordered 3,000 of them. The bears began an unprecedented selling success in the USA from 1906 under the name of teddy bear - named after the American president Theodore ”Teddy“ Roosevelt.

An abreviated story ...  read the whole story at http://www.steiff.com/site/en/faszination-steiff/tradition/

There are many stuffed animal companies. But there’s only one Steiff.

In the world of soft plush toys, we are totally unique. Our products stand proudly above those from our competitors. That’s because they’re made from superior materials, exclusively by hand, in the same workshops in which they’ve been created for more than a century. They’re beautifully designed, ultra-realistic, and completely child safe. Many Steiff products become heirlooms that accompany a child all the way through adulthood.

That philosophy still guides us today and is evident in every item we make – especially our soft plush collection.


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