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The Bear Story

My husband and I were just out for a day together, which we don’t get too often.  We decided we might go look at some antique stores since that is one of our favorite things to do. Finally after traveling several miles we saw a antique store we hadn’t been in. So we got out and started looking around, he went one way and I went another and back in the very back in the corner there was the cutest shop I have ever seen.  Boy it was right up my alley, there was not one thing in that shop that I didn’t like. I thought this is not a good sign, because I am probably not going to be able to buy anything.


Behind the desk sat this sweet little lady, she spoke and invited me to look around. I loved looking around at all the awesome bears and at the most beautiful dolls that I had ever seen. I saw a doll that I just loved so I thought I would go find my husband so he could come and see it too.  To make a long story short we bought the doll but we were introduced also to the Steiff teddy bears.


I asked the same question that people ask me, “What is a Steiff Bear?”   Well I bought one of those too and have fallen in love with them. I love the wonderful story about how they got started and the quality of which they are made. I have enjoy them so much that I become a Steiff Dealer. I also have a wonderful Museum with all my bears and dolls that I have collected over the years. We would love for you to come and enjoy the Museum with us.  


God Bless,

Peggy Smith




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